Visitor Media

Visitor Media works with storytellers to produce film, television, digital media and audio projects. We centre the artist’s vision. We tell stories that envision a more creative, interdependent world. We actively reduce harm and fight oppression in all of our practices and projects. And we believe that stories shape the future.

Sean O’Neill
Founder & Chief Creative Officer 📃 bio

Christina Carvalho
Head of Production 📃 bio

Current Collaborators
221A, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Chelsea McMullan, Christy Nyiri, Douglas Nayler Jr., Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland, Jennifer Baichwal, Ken Lum, Lawrence Jackman, Leah Schulli, Lido Pimienta, Maya Bankovic, Madelyne Beckles, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Nicholas de Pencier, and Syrus Marcus Ware

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